Your Stories Has Moved!

• February 10th, 2014

Hi friends,

Don't think we forgot that we owe you a new episode today - we didn't! It's just that, in our continued effort to serve YOU (u) better, we're continuing the migration of our podcasts off of Podbean and onto our own server. From this point forward, you can find new episodes of Your Stories at Our old episodes are archived there too, and your iTunes subscriptions won't be affected. Thanks!


January 2014: Annual 2, Part 2

• January 27th, 2014

The second part of our second Annual celebration is just as full of music as the first! Dwight, Claire, and Eric continue to recap some of their favorite songs of 2013, plus we get some great reflections on the passing of time from Nerdologues members and group friends alike! This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Royals
  • Katie Keenan: Take Take Take
  • Mary Beth Smith: This Year
  • Eric and Dwight: Drive All Night
  • Cover Stories: Toe to Toe
  • Cover Stories: It's a Lovely Day
Make sure to check out the latest podcast to fall under the Nerdologues umbrella, the wonderful Talking Games with Tim and Clayton!
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January 2014: Annual 2, Part 1

• January 13th, 2014

It's the first new Your Stories of 2014! So we might as well spend it looking back at the year that was, right? Right! This is our second annual Annual episode! Lots of folks felt inspired to perform music this time, and there are some stellar stories on top. This episode out, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Closer
  • Cover Stories: House of Gold
  • Eric Garneau: The Elliott Smith Tribute Concert / Ripchord
  • Matthew Sudman: (Comics) Annual
  • Mary Zee: The Best Present I Ever Gave / She Saved the World a Lot
If you dig this show, come out to the Your Stories recording this Sunday! Participate, even!
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2013 Year-End Wrap Up

• December 30th, 2013

It's the last Your Stories podcast of 2013, and just like last year, we thought we'd take this time to highlight some of our favorite stories from the previous 12 months. We've also got brand new introductions to these tales by some Nerdologues/audience members who liked them a whole lot, as well as the usual musical accompaniment. Thanks everyone for supporting Your Stories through another fantastic year; here's to a great 2014!

  • Dwight & Eric: Everybody Talks
  • Dwight, Eric, Claire & Sarah: Rebellion (Lies)
  • Chris Crotwell: With Apologies to My Ex-Wife
  • Professor Blake: Players
  • Mary Zee: Plan B
  • Allison MacWilliams-Brooks Talavera: My Dad and Star Trek
  • Shelby Mongan: Real Estate, Part 1
  • Lauren Rodriguez: Real Estate, Part 2
  • Dwight & Eric: Wish You Were Here
As promised, photographic evidence of the toast at the end of Lauren's story.

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December 2013: Across the Universe, Part 2

• December 23rd, 2013

Our last brand-new episode of the year wraps up our month-long theme of "Across the Universe," which featured wonderful guest storytellers from Improvised Star Trek and A Klingon Christmas Carol as well as the usual group of Nerdologues members and friends! This episode, enjoy:

  • Dwight & Eric: The Ballad of Serenity/Rocket Man
  • Mary Beth Smith: Helping
  • Matt Young: The Matts of Different Worlds
  • Kevin Budnik: Space Is Terrifying
  • Mark Lancaster: "Oh, You Watch Star Trek?"
  • Jeremy Kanne: A Matter of Scale
  • Dwight & Eric: Star Trek Theme
Be back next week for the year-end Your Stories wrap-up!
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December 2013: Across the Universe, Part 1

• December 9th, 2013

Join us for the first of two galaxy-spanning episodes featuring some of the talent behind A Klingon Christmas Carol and Improvised Star Trek! This was a really fun episode to record and we're sure you'll enjoy it too. In this installment, check out:

  • Dwight, Claire, & Eric: Yakko's Universe
  • Dwight & Eric: Walkin' on the Sun
  • Julia Weiss: Alien Abduction
  • Drew Krehel: Perspective (via Carl Sagan)
  • Jean Monfort: Universes of the Mind
  • Sean Kelley: Space, Time, Distance, and Romance
  • Christopher Kidder-Mostrom: I Killed Roger
  • Claire & Eric: Across the Universe
Don't miss our next Your Stories recording, the last of the year, this Sunday!
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Help us make a year-end compilation!

• November 25th, 2013

Hi everybody,

The Your Stories podcast has been going for two years now. And just like last year, we thought we'd use this time to reflect back on the previous 12 months of stories, songs, bits and whatever else we've heard. We'd love it if you all could help us. 

Basically, we're putting together another year-end compilation, and what we want to know is this - what's your favorite stuff from the past year? What stories stuck with you the most? What songs couldn't you get out of your head? Let us know your picks, and also tell us why they're your picks. We'll take some of those and put them together into one episode that nicely sums up the year. 

It's important to note that this isn't a contest and there isn't really voting involved. It's more of a nomination system - tell us why you like something and we'll share that insight with our listeners!

Content in every episode from December 2012 Part 1 (Happy Birthday Dear Nerdologues) to November 2013 Part 2 (Other Options) is eligible for nomination, including any bonus episodes. 

You can post your choices here or email them to We'll keep this open for like 3 weeks so please get your choices in by December 16.

Thanks as always for your continued support; we have a fantastic year 3 cooking!


November 2013: Other Options, Part 2

• November 25th, 2013

Join us, friends, as we end our exploration of "other options" with a fantastic set of thoughtful and funny tales from some great storytellers. Please enjoy:

  • Claire, Dwight, & Eric: Rebel Yell
  • Chris Geiger: Ending the Year
  • Sawyer Heppes: Concussed
  • Bennett Bottero: Different Worlds
  • Mike Chuck Bretzlaff: The Wrestler
  • Claire Friedman: Other Opportunities
  • Claire, Dwight, & Eric: All the Single Faiths
We've finished another great year of Your Stories podcasts, which means it's time for another end of the year compilation! More information on how to contribute to that compilation can be found in the episode (and will be forthcoming on this website as well). Thanks everyone for your continued support!
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November 2013: Other Options, Part 1

• November 11th, 2013

We here at the Nerdologues know you have other options for podcasts, and we appreciate you listening to ours. Especially when it talks about other options. (See what I did there?) Enjoy the following stories and songs!

  • Dwight, Claire, & Eric: In the Air Tonight
  • Dwight, Claire, & Eric: Cry Me a River
  • Joe Gennaro: 9-to-5er
  • Chris Crotwell: Librarian
  • Kevin Budnik: Comic Artist
  • Dwight & Eric: You Can Call Me Al
Come to our next Your Stories recording this Sunday, and don't forget to catch our first sketch run in over a year, The Multiverse vs. George Lucas, one of the next two Fridays!
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October 2013: 1993, Part 2

• October 28th, 2013

Our second half of exploring 1993 actually gets away from the topic a bit, but that doesn't mean we don't have an excellent collection of stories and music to share with you today! Enjoy this episode featuring:

  • Dwight & Eric: Hey Jealousy
  • Chris Crotwell: The Blizzard of '93
  • Jeremy Kanne: Lost
  • Eric Garneau: Neko Case and Parents
  • Dwight, Claire, & Eric: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Things to do in the near future:
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